A diet with vegetables brings several benefits to the body and also influences the lifestyle of those who consume. In addition to being linked to nutrients and the variety of recipes, consumption of fruits, vegetables and vegetables can be more economical and healthy.

Vegetables are sold per unit or kilo at very affordable prices compared to other foods such as meats, canned goods and frozen ready meals.

In Brazil, vegetable consumption has increased both for the economy and for people's eating habits. According to data from the Ministry of Health (2017), one in three Brazilians consumes vegetables daily.

This is because these foods are very versatile and can be used in numerous recipes on a daily basis, increasing the variety both in taste and in nutrition, with vegetables, legumes, tubers and etc.

Many people adopt vegetable-based diet as a way of life, developing a vegetarian taste or vegan philosophy, for example.

Vegetarianism is a linear feed based on products of plant origin, with restriction on animal flesh. And there are different variations of it, increasing the level of food restriction focused on the exclusive consumption of products of plant origin.

Check out the main ones:


It is a less restrictive diet, in which you can eat foods that have milk and eggs, but do not consume meat.


In addition to not eating animal meat or any derived products, lactovegetarians also do not consume eggs, which are sources of animal protein. Consumption of milk and dairy products is allowed, such as cheeses, butter and other foods.

Strict vegetarians

Strict vegetarians consume neither meat nor milk and eggs, only vegetable protein and vegetable sources such as grains, seeds, leaves, fruits, roots, vegetables, etc.


Veganism goes beyond eating habits because it involves ethical and behavioral issues as well. Therefore, vegans do not consume food of animal origin or products associated with animals or involving forms of exploitation or cruelty.

The vegan does not wear leather or silk clothing or shoes or cosmetics that are tested on animals, whatever the method.

Still, vegetarian recipes can surprise the palate with a good seasoning and different preparation techniques. There are already several vegetarian or vegan foods on the market to serve these customers and offer new food options, from vegan bacon to sausages and burgers, all made from vegetable protein and with lots of flavor!

How about learning a simple and delicious vegetarian hamburger recipe? Follow the following:


1 - Put the lentils in the pressure cooker, covered with a finger and a half of water, without salt, with some leaves of salvia, for approximately 20 minutes after beginning the noise of the pressure.

2 - Once the lentils are cooked, whisk everything in the blender, including the sage leaves, and add a teaspoon of oregano, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

3 - Beat all the ingredients and transfer the mixture to a bowl. Go adding, spoonful by spoon, the breadcrumbs and stir. Put the amount of flour necessary until the mixture is easy to work with your hands.

4 - Line a baking dish with butter paper, form the burgers with your hands and bake them in an oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

5 - Then, just assemble your hamburger according to your preference and savor.

Do you like recipes like that too?



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